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Working With A New Logic Of Spirit

The work of ‘being’ takes place within the world of action and service and is fundamental to creativity, productivity, and integrity. The work life of a yogi is not secular, it is sacred! Yogis in our times operate within the ever-evolving integrity of being and doing. They see challenges as an obstacle course to building capacity and resilience. Yogis do their work with a living commitment to a greater mission and focus attention on what is life giving and strength based both as individuals and in relationship with others. How does this work? The following profiles tell the story.

Happy at work by Ann O’Hare

Anne O’Hare lives in Fruitland Park, Florida with her 8 year old son, Joey and her 10 year old poodle mix, Pamina. She has been a registered nurse for over 20 years and holds a Doctoral Degree in Nursing Lea dership as well as certification in Wholistic Nursing. Anne has been a student and teacher with the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization since 2011.

This is not love, this is work.” I silently repeated to myself, trying to keep myself calm and cared for as I sat in the meeting. I was sitting across from the person whom I had been using as a focus for all my unhappiness and discomfort at work for the past three years. Just the day before, I realized that I was doing this, so I needed to be gentle with myself and move slowly through the scenes of my workday, trying to maintain the little bit of freedom that I had achieved. Freedom?

To understand the significance of the moment I just described, I need to share the history. Five years ago, I left a Nursing leadership job in a local hospital to work at a VA clinic in my community. I knew that the benefits, hours, and salary at the VA would be helpful for me and my family so, I applied for the nurse manager position but accepted a staff nurse job to “get my foot in the door.” In the beginning, my job was ideal. Because the clinic was just starting up, I was allowed to stay in a semi-leadership role and I had freedom to be creative, manage programs and assist with staff development.

Amar’s Story

Amarilys Murillo graduated as a pediatrician in Venezuela. She moved to the US in 2000, retrained at Jackson Memorial Hospital, University of Miami. Board Certified, she is currently working as a fulltime pediatrician in the largest pediatric group in the US located in Miami

Almost four years ago, I was in the middle of an emotional storm; and I was looking for real answers. It was at the local Raja Yoga Meditation Centre that I found them, and after that my life changed drastically. I have experienced nothing but unlimited protection, peace, happiness, understanding, acceptance, and support–all from the main source, of course, from God. He ignited my soul.

My main challenge and proof of this protection took place two years ago when my parents died unexpectedly 22 days apart from each other in my country, Venezuela. Although I lived in the United States, I was very attached to my parents; and I used to visit them at least once a year and talked to them over the phone on a daily basis. My father was sick with a lung infection, and he was in the hospital. Although HE was the patient, my 70-year old mother, who was taking care of him, passed away suddenly at the foot his hospital bed–probably from a heart attack.. Upon her death, I immediately flew to Venezuela to be with my family.

Under these circumstances, I was truly amazed that I was able to remain sereneAn internal voice told me “this is what you have been preparing yourself for.” After Mom’s death, my father was experiencing deep sorrow, and it was then discovered that what he actually had was lung cancer. Dad, age 72, was put through a lot of medical procedures, during which time, he had heart failure and passed away 22 days after Mom’s death. I had remained by his side night and day until the day before he passed at which time I returned to the United States. Of course, upon my departure, we didn’t know that he was going to pass away the very next day.

I honestly did not know how much support I had received from God, until those events took place. Amazingly, I was able to experience the peace, love, support, etc. that can only come from God in a moment like that. There were many other significant events taking place in my life at the same time. Actually the same day my father passed away in Venezuela, my only child was leaving home to start his college career and weeks after that I was taking my Pediatric Board Certification test in the USA.

The only way I survived emotionally and was able to be as supportive as possible with family and friends was to hold the Father’s hand, to follow his directions, and to experience his love and blessings constantly. To this day, this is still my SECRET for moving through life with ease and joy and helping others do the same.

cindy“Spirituality In Practice

“Can I do the walk as well as I do the talk?” 

The theories behind practicing spirituality I’m brilliant at. I can tell you the deepest things about spirituality because I have been a junkie of reading spiritual materials for years now. Of course, I don’t know everything but I do know a lot. I use this knowledge as entertainment for my students at times to keep things light, or I’ll use my spiritual know-how to guide them with whatever situation they may be facing.

I can talk “the talk” real well, I am a spiritual charmer you might say. So the question is, “Can I do the walk as well as I do the talk?” The answer is no.Disappointing, huh? Though I’m not there yet, of matching my talk with my walk, here is my tale of how I’m making efforts to balance the 2 worlds and bring them closer together.

I can bore you with long stories as to why I can’t do the walk as well as I do the talk; such as stories of my childhood, or my personal tragedies, or how tragedies of my close friends and relatives affected my spirituality. I won’t bore you with those stories and the personal details of them because I know you’ve got your own stories, your own personal tragedies , and your own reasons why spirituality in practice can be quite a challenge at times.

The focus when it comes to practicing spirituality should never be on the obstacles. Like any good runner in a race filled with hurdles, the runner does not give a lot of focus to the hurdles. He is aware of the hurdles, the general height of them, where they are placed on the track, etc., but the runner’s focus is more on strengthening himself so he will have the ability to jump over these hurdles. Spirituality in practice is no different. In using this metaphor, I will tell you how my practice in spirituality generally goes.

My typical hurdles consist of work and family matters. The usual work hurdles are dealing with unrealistic demands from bosses, doing my regular workload of teaching, and being a “psychologist” with the students. These days, students have huge amounts of stress, I do what I can so they will feel relatively safe and calm before the teaching process begins. Before going through these hurdles, I strengthen myself first by connecting with God in a meditative state. I allow Him to shower me with feelings of being safe and calm and then in turn, I share these feelings of serenity with my students.

Khush Kirpalani’s Story

Khush Kirpalani is an Assistant Buyer for Macy’s Corporation in the field of Diamonds in New York City.

Spirituality is a foundation instilled within all of us. Some may say that if we experience what life has to bring us in our day-to-day tasks, we are growing and challenging our individual growth to become spiritual. Others may be aware of their experiences, but are constantly looking for what’s next, spending their time meditating on a greater materialistic aspect in their lives, a promotion, a new house, etc.

There are plenty more views on interpreting spirituality but the question is, should we have multiple views? If you responded yes, then you are used to the mentality and foundation of religion. Multiple interpretations of spirituality only formed centuries ago when countries were divided and religions separated us from having unconditional love for one another. However, life is not complicated. We are souls, living energy. We are filled with the same intrinsic core values of love, peace and happiness of the Divine Energy, the Supreme Soul. We are all here on a journey to live our lives while remembering our original home. And our day-to-day experiences are just reminding us whether we want to dig our souls in dirt or clear away and follow the path of light.

As much as I would love to tell you that I spend my entire day, walking through life, remembering my original home and reflecting upon my intrinsic values 24/7, I don’t. I make a conscious effort many times a day to do so. However my body conscious (the chemicals within my human body that drive emotion) kicks in sporadically. I like to think of my day as Wi-Fi. God is a router, and at times when I am getting through my daily tasks, say “online,” my reception becomes spotty. I get intercepted with interactions that are not aware of their own energy. How am I supposed to challenge that?

Since I was a kid, I always looked at the best in peopleThe common man would call it naïve. However I would like to tell the common man today, that it is not being naïve, it is being pure. And even though others are unaware of their own purity, I look at them as pure, because deep down, underneath all that dirt that has been piled up, is the same loving light I was made with.

I was introduced to meditation at age 11While I did not know how important meditation and spirituality were to me at the time, I knew that I was always going to be the different one — the one that would have trouble connecting with my generation, because I was considered to be an “old soul.”I grew up in a traditional Hindu family, where the practices of devotion were prominent. I grew up in a world where my thoughts and actions were different from my peers, and the more I tried to fit in, the more I would disconnect with my soul. After college I decided I no longer wanted to fit in.After finding myself at age 11 and then getting lost through high school and college, I told myself I am not going to hide my knowledge. I have to set out and be an example to let what’s in me, reflect upon me naturally. I am not going to try and re-write a journey God has already set out for me.Throughout my years, I have seen how my mind and body have grown when I am not connected, and I have seen the dramatic difference when I am connected.

Every morning, as I wake up (by the way I am not a morning person at all), while my first instinct is to look at my emails, instead I say good morning to God. Because at the end of the day, no matter what happens, I am still going home to Him, so why should anything be so much more important. I must thank him and tell him I love him, because all else would not be possible.

As I progress through my day, my reception gets spotty as I am tackling hundreds of emails and interacting with people to expand on my current business needs in ways that I may not necessary agree upon. My interactions outside of work also consist of thoughts and actions that are distracting and not connected with my being. However, every time I feel that I am digging myself a hole and the energy is unclear, I pause (it’s essential to pause and not immediately react). I take 10 seconds to close my eyes and breathe, and tell God that I trust Him with the path that has been laid out. To react to something that is of waste, only drains good energy that has been built up with one’s self and the Divine.

Technology has continued to expand, and the demand that has grown with technology has grown within the human mind. Is the human mind really capable of thinking 10 steps ahead? In today’s world, to continue to strive for better results in the work environment as well as the rest of our time, we need to be way ahead of the game, mainly because we all have access to social media. Social media is the ability to know anything and everything at any given time. What are we really putting ourselves up against? The competition of what exactly? To be the most attractive person in the universe?For fame and for purpose? Because all I remember when I woke up this morning was that no matter what I do today, I get to go home to God, and that’s all that matters.

I don’t go on social media a lot, but when I do, I like to share my journey, and embrace othersThis is my way of adapting to our world’s changes in how we communicate. We just need to use this concept of technology to enlighten one another and not to share waste thoughts. This also should not take away the essence of face-to-face communication.

Steering away from technology throughout the day takes a load off my brain, and gives my mind some time to breathe. I find time to listen to good music, do yoga and eat well. That’s all good for our body’s journey too. So when I come home at night, I can continue on with God’s Wi-Fi signal.When we venture through our day with maximum remembrance of our original home and trust our journey, people and places evolve. Your network with God will continue to radiate more positive energy and signal to the rest of the world.

Some have said that I’m very positive in times of challenge. It’s simply because I remember that no matter how stressful my day or life is, there is only one end, with love and with God.

(Khush Kirpalani is an Assistant Buyer for Macy’s Corporation in the field of Diamonds in New York City.)