Nature's Wisdom; the Message of Pain and Illness by Dr. Rona Schweitz



Nature is benevolent

To understand pain, health and illness, it is useful to understand our relationship with nature in general. No one can escape the laws of nature. There are many laws of nature like in chemistry and in physics. And there are also laws (known or unknown to us) for the metabolic and physiological processes in our body. Within these laws of nature we can observe 3 tendencies:

1) to create

2) to destroy

3) to sustain, to preserve


Natures predominant tendency is to preserve, to sustain, to remain stable. The tendencies to create and destroy balance themselves and sustenance takes place. For example: skin cells are constantly created and destroyed to sustain an intact, functional skin all over the body.

This leads us to understand that, if we only see the destructive side of nature, it is because we are not seeing the broader picture. We fail to see the role of nature's destructive side, in sustaining a higher cause.


Pain and illness is like a destructive side of nature. Instead of ignoring it or treating it in isolation, we should try to decode the message. We should see the broader picture.


The Price of Free Will

Humans and animals have free will. They have the ability to decide and to move. They have the power of choice. This can create benefit, but it can also create harm, to themselves and others. Nature protects us from using our power to choose wrongly with the phenomenon of pain. Humans and animals experience pain from anything that is potentially dangerous, for example if we come to close to fire. The pain sensation guides our 'free will'.


Nature's language

- Every pain has a message

- Illnesses are more complex form of pain.

- Messages exist behind emotional pain and mental suffering like sadness and frustration.

Understanding nature's wisdom gives us the option to completely live in accordance with nature's laws and we could bring about a state of health at all levels.


People differ from each other in the knowledge they have and the beliefs and attitudes they hold as a result of that knowledge. Our beliefs and attitudes can be based on complete (right) or incomplete (wrong) understandings. Our 'free will' also extends to the knowledge we choose to believe in. Incomplete/wrong knowledge will make us experience pain (mental, emotional, physical) and complete/right knowledge will make us experience comfort at the different levels.


Signals of Nature

Pain and suffering, in essence, are signals of a harmful choice, while using our 'free will'. So with physical pain and illness, nature is signaling us that we have wrong beliefs and attitudes based on wrong knowledge about how to use the body. Emotional pain suggest that we have wrong knowledge or understanding about some important aspects of our lives, like our true identity and true nature, our purpose on earth, our relationships. The omnipresence of illness and suffering is not proof that it is a mandatory phenomenon. It only suggests that we have incomplete/wrong understandings, beliefs and attitudes which need to be put right.


The Spiritual Model

Knowing ourselves as non-physical beings of consciousness with divine potential, belonging to a dimension of silence and light, belonging to a family of benevolent beings; knowing that we are here (in the physical world) as guests, that we own nothing and so can not lose anything, that the body dies but the real I (soul) is immortal, this will bring back a deep sense of security. That deep sense of security will make us approach life in a way that is in line with nature and nature's laws. This could just be the remedy for all our ailments, physically and emotionally.