Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center
A Learning Center For Peace

Temporarily offering all Courses & Meditaions ONLINE ONLY
to help slowing down the spread of COVID-19

The BK Learning Center for Peace is the main center of the Brahma Kumaris in New England. It started back in 1984 and is managed entirely through a network of volunteers from many different professional and cultural backgrounds. They are the teachers and students of Raja Yoga.

The Learning Center for Peace offers a reflective environment for all to enjoy a place to detach from the daily pressures of life, a place to re-energize the spirit and a place to learn about matters of the heart. It is a place where the mind opens to deep transformation and finds the key to living a peaceful, contented and happy life.

Spiritual practitioners come to the Center everyday in the early morning for their meditation and class. The place is open to the public for evening meditation from 7 to 7:30pm Monday through Friday. Raja yoga meditation classes are offered monthly beginning on the first Monday. The course spans over a 4 week period meeting twice a week. For those who prefer weekends, courses are periodically offered on Saturday’s starting with the first Saturday of the month. Private classes are also available on an as needed basis. All classes are offered free of charge and contributions are accepted. For more information about the events please check the calendar.

(617) 912-1230

75 Common St, Watertown, MA 02472