Special Guests and Performers

Sr. Mohini Punjabi
Sr. Mohini PunjabiDirector of Brahma Kumaris Centres in North, Central and South America and the Caribbean
Sr. Mohini PunjabiDirector of Brahma Kumaris Centres in North, Central and South America and the Caribbean
Sr. Mohini Panjabi, a spiritual educator with over sixty years of experience in raj yoga. Born in India, she came to the West in her twenties and has been serving as the main spiritual resource of the Brahma Kumaris’ activities in the Western Hemisphere since the mid 1970’s. She is sought after as an international speaker and spiritual resource, and she represents the Brahma Kumaris at the United Nations. Sister Mohini is based in Great Neck, New York.
Junia Flavia
Junia FlaviaFlutist
Junia FlaviaFlutist
Junia Flavia d’Affonseca began her musical studies at the Escola de Música de Piracicaba in Brazil under the supervision of maestro and composer, Ernest Mahle. Later she studied the recorder and transversal flute with João Dias Carrasqueira at the Conservatório Musical Carlos Gomes in Campinas. She has a graduate degree in fine arts, specializing in music at Fap-Arte, São Paulo under the supervision of professor J.H.Koeureuter. Junia was a founder of the Brazilian musical company, Grupo Instinto Caraíba in 1984, while teaching music at various schools in São Paulo. Presently studying flute with Celina Charlier.
Robert Trincellito
Robert TrincellitoGuitarist
Robert TrincellitoGuitarist
Nicholas Sattinger
Nicholas SattingerSinger
Nicholas SattingerSinger
Nicholas Sattinger is an accomplished songwriter and underscore. Many different voices for different genres and great for voiceover, characters, accents, improvisational skills, choreography, directing, impersonations, interpretive dance, piano and accompaniment, impediments, enthusiastically creative
Natya Anubhava
Natya AnubhavaDance Academy
Natya AnubhavaDance Academy
Natya Anubhava dance academy was established by Dr Nalini Rau more than 20 years ago to teach Bharata Natyam, a classical dance from South India. The Academy has a few awards: - Arts Westchester "50 for 50" award to Guru Dr Nalini Rau for her outstanding contributions to Choreography in BharataNatyam - Natya Nava Ratna award conferred by President of India under the auspices of Natya Kalalayam
Sr. Sabita Geer
Sr. Sabita GeerUN DPI/NGO Representative
Sr. Sabita GeerUN DPI/NGO Representative
Michele Brangwen
Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble
Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble
The Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble is a contemporary dance company that specializes in commissioning new music for dance and incorporating musicians into the visual imagery. Sharing the stage and the focus, our dancers and musicians break the boundaries of traditional ensemble interaction. Performance works include original choreography and music as well as improvisation by all performers, creating a spontaneous performance environment where anything can happen. The Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble is known for innovative format, bold subject matter, and wide range of music spanning from classical to jazz to avant-garde and experimental.

About Peace in the Park

Peace in the Park lets you explore a variety of ways to unplug and unwind while living in a fast-paced urban environment. It's an opportunity to find yourself, feel good and engage with our diverse community in a fun, inspiring and healthy atmosphere. This free festival will feature world music, dances, tai-chi, yoga, life-enchancing conversations, kids and youth activities, values-based exhibits, faith-based participation, emotional healing expertise, meditation experiences, and more, in the exquisite and famous Central Park Bandshell.

Participating Organizations

Co-operation, Community, Synergy

Yoga in Daily Life
Body and Brain
Peacefully Rooted
Brahma Kumaris
Client 1
Lia Dance
Compassion Games
Legion of Goodwill
Kundalini Yoga
march for our lives


Venue Information

Central Park Naumburg Bandshell, New York, NY 10019



Peace in the Park held at Naumburg Bandshell is located in Central Park just south of the Bethesda Terrace between 66th and 72nd streets. You can enter the park at Fifth Avenue and 72nd Street and follow Terrace Drive to the Bethesda Terrace and turn left or enter the park at Central Park West and 72nd Street and follow Terrace Drive to Bethesda Terrace and turn right.

The bandshell is accessible by public transportation and bike. For more information, visit the MTA website.


  • C and B trains to 72nd Street and Central Park West
  • 1, 2, 3 trains to 72nd Street and Broadway
  • 6 train to either 68th or 77th Street and Lexington Avenue


  • M10 Central Park West uptown
  • M1, M2, M2 Limited, M3 and M4 Fifth Avenue downtown and Madison Avenue uptown
  • M72 72nd Street cross-town


  • Fifth Avenue and 73rd Street
  • Park Avenue and 72nd Street
  • Central Park West and 72nd Street


Street Parking

Many of the side streets that border Central Park allow for free and legal parking, as long as you read the posted street signs carefully before parking your car. Parking on city streets can be a challenge, though, even for local New Yorkers. Be prepared to allow for extra time in the case that you have to wait for a space to become available.

Metered Parking

Metered parking can be found on the avenues that run north and south on either side of Central Park. Metered parking duration times vary from 1 hour to 12 hours. Always check signs before parking.

Hourly rates for metered parking vary. From 96th to 110th Street, the metered rate is $1.50 per hour. Below 96th Street, the rate is $3.50 per hour. All meters accept coins, some accept credit cards, and many allow you to pre-pay for parking using the NYC Parking Card, which you can purchase online. More info can be found on this New York Department of Transportation page.

Parking Garages

Parking garages can be found on nearly every other street around Central Park. Companies charge by the hour, and rates increase or decrease depending on the location.

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