Peace is our Human Foundation

Peace is our foundation. It is not just a concept, but an experience. When we use the greeting “Om Shanti” we enter into the experience of Peace. We invite you to celebrate a “Year of Peace” and the experience of “Om Shanti”.

Each month, BK Centers throughout the USA will host programs, lectures, “Om Shanti Conversations” and World Peace Meditation. Each of these programs is designed to foster your own inner peace and a personal sense of wellbeing during these turbulent times. We cannot wait for the world to become peaceful before I become peaceful.



Experience the Topic
Reflect on it Deeply
Bring Your Reflection into Conversation


Practice bringing "Om"
into your daily awareness,
activity, and relationships


Share your Peace
in your daily interactions
and individual meditation

What is an “Om Shanti Conversation”?

This is a new kind of conversation where:

…Listening is more important than talking;

…Stories are shared from personal experience rather than theoretical knowledge, beliefs, or opinions;

…There is a balance of silence, inquiry, and sharing (and possibly expression through art, poems, posters, or other forms if desired);

…. Participants are encouraged and guided to hold the same kind of conversation at home, work, or in the community.


The spiritual condition of the world today is one of uncertainty, fear, lack of belonging, divisiveness, anxiety, depression; and a general undercurrent that “something is wrong”. Many people express that don't know what to do.

Spiritual remedies for those concerns provide opportunities for service. These include finding ways to foster a sense of belonging among marginalized groups or individuals, offering spiritual companionship, having the courage to speak up in the face of divisiveness, helping souls find their value and understand that we belong in a bigger picture.

The proposed “Om Shanti Conversations” and suggested practices are designed to bring us together in a reflective dialogue - a safe place with an atmosphere of acceptance, where authentic sharing and discussion takes place. Simply listening without judgment or planning our response can inform our own point of view and provide an opportunity for insights and healing. This type of conversation is not hurried; it is slower than most forms of conversation and we are challenged to actively listen to another’s point of view and experience, reflecting on the deeper issues and underlying values being expressed.