“I am inspired by the Brahma Kumaris’ selfless love of God and humanity. As a Christian, my experience of meditation and study with the Brahma Kumaris has helped deepen my spiritual connection with God. As an interfaith leader, it has opened by mind in new ways to God’s presence in diverse spiritual traditions. As a human being, it has opened my heart in compassion and deepened my commitment to a life of service.” –Rev. Charles Gibbs, Executive Director, United Religions Initiative, San Francisco, California.


For over thirty years, the Brahma Kumaris have been helping to bring people of different faiths and cultures together, believing that a deeper understanding between faiths, based on acceptance and respect, will contribute to a culture of peace and non-violence in our world community. 
In many countries, Brahma Kumaris representatives serve on committees of local interfaith organisations, host local activities, and play an active part on religious education advisory committees. For example, in Dunedin, New Zealand, BKs for the past 13 years have coordinated an annual Interfaith Week of Prayer for World Peace which includes a public service as well as a service at the University. In Adelaide, Australia, BKs regularly participate in the Multifaith Association of South Australia. On the other side of the globe, in Uruguay, BKs participate in Forum Interreligious as well as in the Space of Inter-religious Dialogue at UNESCO’s Montevideo Centre.

At a global level, the Brahma Kumaris work closely with leading international interfaith organisations, including:

  • World Congress of Faiths (WCF): for over 20 years the Brahma Kumaris have worked closely with WCF in planning and hosting events. In 1993 the BKs joined the WCF international committee to plan for the Year of Inter-religious Understanding and Co-operation marked in honour of the centenary of the first Parliament of the World's Religions, and together with WCF hosted the UK launch of that year. Dadi Janki is a patron of WCF.

  • United Religions Initiative (URI): BKs have been represented on the Global Council and are actively participating in Co-operation Circles worldwide. BKs have taken an active role in the URI interfaith summits around the world and hosted the first URI European Conference at the Global Retreat Centre near Oxford in 1997.

  • The World Council of Religious Leaders: This initiative grew out of the Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders held in August 2000 at the United Nations New York and addressed by Dadi Janki.

  • The Global Peace Initiative of Women Religious and Spiritual Leaders: Brahma Kumaris support the Initiative's Women's Partnership for Peace in the Middle East and the Global Ethics and Universal Education for Values project.

  • Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions: The Brahma Kumaris have played an active role in the Parliaments of the World's Religions and the Council’s Assembly of Religious Leaders in Chicago (1993) South Africa (1999) and Barcelona (2004), serving on the organizing committees and contributing to events.

  • World Conference of Religions for Peace (WCRP): Brahma Kumaris are active in local chapters around the world.

Please click here to view statements and position papers on subjects such as “Pathways to Peace”, “Overcoming Religiously Motivated Violence”, “The Plight of Refugees”, “Eliminating the International Debt Burden for Developing Countries”, “Increasing Access to Clean Water”, “Message by Dadi Janki at the Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders”, “Personal and Spiritual Perspective on Non-violence and Peace” and others. A number, but not all, of the mentioned papers were submitted at the time this pack was submitted. The rest need to be digitized.