Peace Village Learning & Retreat Center 54 O'Hara Road (at Route 23A)
P.O. Box 99
Haines Falls (Hunter), New York
The second part of the Raja Yoga Meditation Course

Spiritual Knowledge when applied to life brings true happiness and freedomThis practical follow-up to the Inner Peace - Inner Power Part I retreat offers just that.  If you are seeking answers to age old questions, this retreat is for you.  

In this insightful weekend, we will discover the secrets of karma which give us the formula to create happiness in our lives and freedom from bondage in relationships. We will also explore the 8 spiritual powers and how to apply them to real life situations.  These powers include the ability to go within, to control the mind, to make decisions, and face all that life brings with confidence. 

  • Learn how to express at your highest potential and to exchange the energy of love with those around you.
  • Develop a strategy of working with the self and relating to others using the spiritual powers accumulated from meditation.
  • Enjoy time for silent reflection, creative activities, group discussions, and guided walks.

Facilitators: Susan Pollock, Madhavi Patale, Gloria Rodriguez

Madhavi Patale is full of zeal and enthusiasm and lives from the heart of the self. Passionate about serving the community, she offers sessions and insights on meditation and life management skills.

Susan Pollock has journeyed from the field of promotions and advertising sales to the staff of Peace Village where she now resides and shares the spiritual gifts she has gained.

Gloria Rodriguez has a passion of bringing change in the lives of people by teaching them how to attain peace of mind and lead a happy life through the practice of meditation.

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