Peace Village Learning & Retreat Center 54 O'Hara Road (at Route 23A)
P.O. Box 99
Haines Falls (Hunter), New York
“ To feel good, positive and great, I must realise a better way of life is in my hands.” 

Based on guidebook of classes from Administrative Head Dadi Janki - ​Feeling Great: How to Change Your Life for the Better, ​we see how the Supreme Being and Time are offering us the opportunity to become anything we wish to be; our potential is unlimited.





Become aware of 4 habits which stop us from feeling great:
● Forgetfulness
● Game of Substitute
● Disconnection from God
● Busyness

Learn to observe your inner world of thoughts and feelings and gain insights into how you are creating them and how to change them. Experience practical meditation exercises to create personal spiritual power. This enables us to maintain a stable positive attitude and that makes others feel great.

Experience feeling great through presentations, active and passive meditations, interactive group sessions, games, circle dancing, nature walking and journaling.

Facilitators: Chirya Risely, Ed Wondolowski, Tammy Hinkle, Jacinthe Chiasson

Chirya Risely has taught Raja Yoga meditation internationally and conducted Living Values Education in over 65 schools in the Caribbean.

Ed Wondolowski is Professor Emeritus of Management at Bentley University in Boston, Massachusetts, and is a Director of Living Values Educational Program, Inc.

Tammy Hinkle is an entrepreneur specializing in custom house building, interior decorating and managing affordable housing.

Jacinthe Chiasson is based in Montreal, and currently focuses on assisting parents with home schooling for their children.


Sorry this retreat is full, there is no waiting list.

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