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Workshop - Destination: Peace and Happiness

Time: Sat 28 September at 11:00am

We all want to live peaceful and happy lives, right? But somehow, between here and there, we get sidetracked and lose our way. Join us as we explore the express route to that most ideal of destinations. We will identify simple methods to make our journey enjoyable.

Daily Meditation


Fri 20 September at 6:30pm ()
Mon 23 September at 6:30pm ()
Tue 24 September at 6:30pm ()
Wed 25 September at 6:30pm ()
Thu 26 September at 6:30pm ()
Fri 27 September at 6:30pm ()
Mon 30 September at 6:30pm ()

Children’s Meditation Session

Time: Sun 17 November at 11:00am

Group Sessions

Friday Insight: Intentions and pure feelings

Time: Fri 20 September at 7:00pm

Friday Insight: How a full stop leads to a fuller life

Time: Fri 27 September at 7:00pm

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