BKs in the USA

Meet the BK’s

The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization in the USA is part of a worldwide network of learning and retreat centers with over a million members.We are dedicated to individual, societal and world transformation through the study and spiritual practice of raj yoga meditation. At the heart of our teaching is the belief that the pathway to individual peace and fulfillment is first realizing and then remembering our original nature as spiritual beings in connection with One Source, who provides meaning and purpose to our identity.

Our knowledge, revealed in the 1930’s in India, describes the eternal truths of the soul and the Source, the philosophy of karma and the secrets of time.BK’s come together in 30 centers in the US to study this knowledge and its application in our lives. Raja Yoga is a knowledge base and practice regimen especially for this time in the history of the world.


What do we mean by “spirituality”?

“Spiritual” as a concept has different meanings for different people. For us, spirituality goes beyond formal notions of ritual or religious practice to the very essence of who we are as human beings, our essential relationships with one another and our eternal link to God, the One Source. Through the spiritual practice of raj yoga meditation we become aware of and intimately experience these connections. Being spiritual is understanding that which is eternal, and consciously acting from this perspective.


How do we see the original nature of human beings?

We recognize the original nature of every human being to be innately good and virtuous — naturally radiating love, peace, happiness, wisdom and purity from the very core of our being, the soul. Over time, the soul loses awareness of its original brilliance and natural power. Ultimately it is the link with its eternal Parent, the Source, that provides the opportunity for renewal and a return to our original pure and powerful nature.

The soul is the living, spiritual essence deep within each human being, endowed with reason and conscience. Our personalities, thoughts, capacity to judge and make decisions are all aspects of the soul. Our values and powers are formed and expressed from the soul.

Living from this awareness leads us from indifference to compassion, from arrogance to humility, from isolation to cooperation, from cruelty to kindness, from deception to transparency, from revenge to forgiveness, from disparity to equality, from bias to tolerance from oppression to liberty and from taking life to preserving life.


What is the effect of a spiritual presence?

In any given moment each person embodies and reflects a certain quality of presence. Whatever awareness a person is holding affects their thinking, saying and doing in that moment and creates an impact on the atmosphere, on other people and on the natural world. BK’s pay attention to spiritual study and practice in order to cultivate an elevated state of awareness of being a spiritual being, a soul in connection with the One Source. This quality of presence is transformative. The mere presence does service.


How to serve through one’s presence?

Serve the self: In the awareness of self respect, we experience wholeness and freedom.

Serve others: In the awareness of being an instrument of the higher Source, we express benevolence and generosity. We naturally deepen our relationships and uphold the dignity of all.

Serve the world: In the awareness of being a trustee, we convey the connection between the tangible and the intangible and cultivate deep roots of trust.


How to serve through elevated vision?

Drishti, the Hindi word for vision, describes the subtle act of seeing while in a spiritual awareness. One who is sharing drishti with another sees with depth, warmth and love. Sharing drishti is seeing with spiritual equality, affirming another’s essential and highest self. Drishti calls forward a person’s highest potential and affirms what is best in them. When we look with this elevated vision, we “see the other into being” with a clean and pure intention.


How to serve through sacred spaces?

In a world of increasing chaos and noise, there’s a growing need for spaces that quiet the mind. As places where we study and practice raj yoga meditation, our centers and retreat centers have become safe spaces — spiritual settings with an elevated atmosphere. Here one can reflect on what is most important in life and on what is most essential in ourselves. These are places to let go of the daily pressures of life, re-energize the spirit and reconnect the self with the Source. These are spaces that still the heart, stabilize the mind, bring humility to the intellect and trust in the self.


What is the meaning of the BK’s logo?

The Brahma Kumaris logo is a spiritual symbol that depicts life as a subtle still-point of spiritual light and energy. It is symbolic of both the soul and God.The different rays emanating from the central point represent the energetic vibrations of spiritual virtues and powers that elevate human consciousness.The spaces in between the rays are where creation, sustenance and transformation are in constant flow. This symbol makes the invisible visible and reminds us that at the level of relationships we are all connected.